The Port of Rotterdam is in the process of making the port cleaner, sustainable and more efficient. One of the keys to the new port is an amazing new innovation.

The “waste shark” is a water drone, about the size of a passenger car, and is able to gobble up around 500 kg of plastic a day, and that plastic is then recycled.

Minds reports the mouth of the vehicle is located about 35 centimeters (about 14 inches) below the surface of the water and it can pick up about 300 kg of plastic waste at a time.

3tags reported Allard Castelein, Chief Executive Officer of the Port of Rotterdam Authority has said that the Rotterdam Port Authority is fully committed to all possible ways of innovation.

He said: “Innovation cannot be forced. However, you can create an environment in which innovation is likely to take place and be in line with the market.

The drone is currently in a 6 month test run and is cleaning up trash around the docks.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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