The Republican replacement for Obamacare will cause millions of needy people with no health coverage, showing once again they do not care about helping the poor. They also recently proposed cutting food benefits to 11 million poor people.

Republican replacement plans for Obamacare would lead to significant declines in the number of Americans with health insurance coverage, according to an analysis presented Saturday at the National Governors Association reported Vox.

The analysis was conducted by the health research firm Avalere Health and the consulting firm McKinsey and Company.

It includes graphs showing the Republican plan to overhaul Obamacare’s tax credits. Specifically, they compare the hypothetical effects of switching from income-based tax credits (which give poor people more help) to age-based tax credits, where everyone would get the same amount.

The report estimates what would happen in a hypothetical state with 300,000 people in the individual market that has also expanded Medicaid. In the individual market, enrollment would fall 30 percent and 90,000 people would become uninsured.

An additional 115,000 people in that hypothetical state may also lose coverage because they are enrolled in Medicaid and cannot find an affordable private plan.

The report estimates that coverage declines would be even higher in states that did not expand Medicaid — largely those run by Republican governors. There, the report presents an example of a state with 235,000 in the individual market. It estimates that coverage would decline by 120,000 people, about 50 percent.

States would also lose a significant amount of federal funding as fewer residents received financial support to help purchase individual coverage. The decline in federal funding through tax credits would be between 65 and 80 percent, according to this report.

The report does not make national projections for coverage declines, and we don’t know the exact size of the individual market. We do know it is somewhere in the tens of millions — so these numbers do indicate that this particular GOP proposal would leave millions of Americans without coverage.

Elsewhere in the report, Avalere estimated that the Republican proposals to turn Medicaid into a “block grant” program would cut the program’s funding significantly:

Many Democrats are shocked by the proposal and want to stop it to protect the American people.


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