An ATM skimmer is an, almost, exact replica of the ATM insertion mechanism but it’s glued on.

People need to be cautious of these noticeable devices. Always know what to look for and report them if you find them.

Daily Headlines describes what to look for:

A skimmer is often times no bigger than a deck of cards and blends right in with ATM, looking like a piece of plastic that belongs on the machine. Make sure your ATM doesn’t have wires hanging from it, or look like its been tampered with — before you go to use it.
Police say you should make sure the slot to read your card is the same color as the rest of the machine and look for any nuts or bolts out of place.
A card might not go into the ATM smoothly, or there may be something added to the machine. In that case, don’t use the card and notify the bank right away.


When travelling, especially in populated areas, make sure to examine any ATM machines you may use.  Also, to be safe, only use ATMs inside major banks and avoid random, outdoor ones when possible.

The devices can take several forms due to the varying types of ATMs.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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