U.S. President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal includes massive cuts across most of the federal government, many from what people consider necessary programs. The EPA and the Department of Agriculture face unprecedented discretionary funding cuts in excess of 25 percent, another extremely important area taking a huge hit is education. But at least Trump wants to greatly increase military spending, because we only spend about as much as the next 7 countries combined. It is not too late to contact your Congresspersons and let them know what you think of the proposed budget before it is too late!

Bloomberg compiled this great reference list of the areas getting cut, some being cut out of existence.

Trump’s budget also proposes eliminating discretionary funding altogether for at least 19 agencies and 61 other programs. Plans for new NASA missions, climate change research, aid for low-income families and funding for commercial flights to rural airports would all be on the chopping block. Trump says many of these programs are inefficient or duplicative. All this could change; Trump will deliver a final budget in May and Congress would have to approve the cuts.

Funding eliminated for 19 independent agencies

◦ Investigates chemical accidents and makes recommendations to industry and labor groups, OSHA and the EPA, to prevent future incidents.


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