Source: Occupy Democrats

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley can’t escape impeachment any longer.

Under attack since last year in a brutal sex scandal, Governor Bentley seemed to have slipped through the fingers of the angry Alabama legislature when a state judge blocked impeachment hearings.

But, in what has turned into the Governor’s worst week ever, The New York Times reports that the Alabama Supreme Court today reversed the lower court ruling, leading the State House Judiciary Committee to schedule hearings as soon as Monday.

Just last Wednesday, the Alabama Ethics Commission issued a press release stating:

Now, with impeachment hearing set to begin, Gov. Bentley faces temporary removal from office while the Alabama Senate decides his fate, as well as facing a two- to 20-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $20,000 for each of the four potential ethics and campaign practices violations.

Let’s just hope that this is not the last impeachment trial set to get underway this year.


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