A two-year-old Washington DC girl found herself in an interesting predicament after a city employee found an envelope with her name on it in an alley, next to her trash bin.

The envelope, which probably fell out of a trash bag or can, was addressed to the little girl. As a result, a $75 littering citation was sent to her home with city officials saying the fact that it was found on the ground constituted littering. Even though there was no evidence the child actually littered, the simple act of finding a piece of paper with an address on it is enough to get a ticket.

It turned out that the letter was found directly behind the little girl’s house where her family leave their trash bins, reported Police State Daily.

“She’s not a criminal. The ironic thing is that we talk to her all the time about picking up her trash,” the girl’s father, Chuck Westover said according to WJLA. “Just because you find a piece of mail on the ground, obviously doesn’t mean that person was the one that put it there.”

After receiving the citation in the mail, the girl’s mother made some calls to the Department of Public Works – who issued the citation – but initial attempts to get the ticket thrown out because of her daughter’s age failed.

She then spoke with the Department of Public Work’s communications director who told her to send over a copy of the girl’s birth certificate in order to confirm her age.

“She told me they’d be willing to withdraw the ticket or dismiss it, or whatever word you’d like to use, if I could prove to them that Harper was only 2,” the little girl’s mother said.

Before that could occur however, news of the ticket surfaced leading to an investigation by the Department of Public Works that ultimately resulted in the toddler being cleared.

“I heard that it was a 2-year-old illegal dumper, so I’m like wow, really?” Department of Public Works spokesperson Andre Lee said. “I apologized to them for the mistake… it shouldn’t have gotten this far. Someone should have come… and we do what we need to do.”

Giving someone a ticket for simply finding their name and address on an envelope in an alley is ridiculous, especially if it is a 2 year old. What do you think of this law? Please let us know in the comments below!

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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