Source: Bipartisan Report

In the wake of Donald Trump’s “covfefe” debacle, efforts to bring Election 2016 back to life by tweeting about Hillary Clinton, and ongoing display of his infatuation with President Obama, one would think that anyone remotely associated with Trump would stay off Twitter. Nope.

With emotions running high worldwide Thursday evening regarding Trump’s decision to back out of the Paris Agreement, Paul Ryan somehow thought it would be a good idea to flippantly tweet about it. Ryan essentially said that caring about the Earth was bad for America (even though America is part of the Earth).

He went on to victimize the U.S., which — at a time when some of the nation’s closest allies are feeling jilted — won’t fare well for foreign relations. To be exact, Ryan tweeted:

Twitter wasn’t having it. Some people simply wanted Ryan to stop spewing nonsense:

Connecting the pieces of the money puzzle as they relate to Ryan and other Trump surrogates (and the circles they move in), some alluded to their sentiments that those people have a lot to gain from Trump’s decision:

Others questioned Ryan’s ethics, morals, values, and beliefs while simultaneously expressing their disdain for him:

Some wisely reminded Ryan and like-minded folks that children and future generations are the ones who really lose out as a result of Trump’s, Ryan’s, and others’ lack of regard for the Earth:

As is often the case, there was one response that set itself apart from the others. This mic drop moment came when one clever individual realized that Paul Ryan’s post didn’t get the retweets that he was likely hoping for:

Ryan’s feelings on the Paris Agreement aside, his tweets prove that he has absolutely no sense of decorum and etiquette in being sensitive to how the people he is supposed to represent actually feel. Moreover, while he may get to opine however he likes, he doesn’t get to be disrespectful. To the world leaders who sincerely believe the agreement is truly a happy medium that represents all parties with the paramount interest of preserving the Earth in mind, his tweets are in extremely poor taste and beyond disrespectful.



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