Brandon Russell, a Neo-Nazi- arrested and charged with explosives charges is free to await trial in the comfort of his home in Orlando. He was released on bond after Federal Judge Thomas McCoun declared that there is a lack of evidence showing that “the defendant represents a threat to any person or community”. What is most disturbing about Russell’s release is that quite the opposite is true. With mounds of evidence that he is indeed a threat to the public, being a White male has offered him the privilege to walk free because let’s face it- if Russel was Black, Brown or Muslim, he would certainly be languishing being bars.

As reported by The Grio:

Police found bomb-making materials, weapons, and ammo in his Tampa Palms garage. On the dresser in his bedroom, there was a framed picture of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. It doesn’t end there either, on his computer they found Nazi and white supremacist propaganda.

Russell is 21-years-old and a member of the Florida National Guard. He admitted to being a neo-Nazi sympathizer and to making explosives materials.

According to him, Russell would threaten on white supremacist websites to blow buildings up and kill people.

Federal prosecutors stated Russell was a real threat to the community but the judge just didn’t see it that way.

What are your thoughts about Russell walking free, while Arthur remains behind bars? Do you think prejudice played a part in how differently these men were treated under the law? If you were law enforcement, given the evidence, do you think the paraphernalia he had in his possession was really harmless, and that Russell is truly not a threat to the public? Join the discussion in the comments below.