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What kind of sentence do you think someone should get for falsifying drug test results for black people, testifying to back them up in court and affecting over 40,000 cases, sending an estimated 20,000 to jail?

If I told you 3-5 years and 2 years probation, you would be horrified right?

Well, that’s the sentence that’s been laid down to a government chemist who did just that!

Annie Dookhan worked in a Boston a state police lab and over 9 years she falsified positive results, mixed samples and botched paperwork, testified in court and sent a lot of people to prison.

Some estimates have put the number as high as 20,000 people and 60,000 tampered samples. However official figures are putting the number of people directly in jail because of he false results at around 1140.

She recently changed her plea to guilty meaning that the process can continue to release every inmate that was affected.

Absolutely disgusting, this should be treated as a hate crime, she effectively murdered these people’s lives, she deserves a very very harsh sentence.

You can see more in the video below:


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