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We are fully aware that racism exist in this world and the American police force are some of the biggest participants in this American sport. However, this is down right ridiculous and unbelievable that this happened, but the officer admitted it.

While attempting to visit his brother in Ohio for a birthday party, John Felton was driving down Salem Avenue in Dayton and followed by an officer for over 2 miles.

“My brother had his seat belt on and everything and I was like, ‘This cop is following me, I don’t know why he’s following me I’m going to make sure I don’t do anything to make him pull me over.’” Felton told ABC 22/FOX 45 Reporter Natasha Williams.

Once the disco lights came on and Felton was pulled over by the officer, he wisely began recording the interaction with the cop, as most people should do these days. The officer explains why he pulled Felton over on the recording, “Your turn signal, your turn signal was on but you didn’t turn it on 100 feet prior.”

[ADSENSE2]This is a minor infraction and most people would be upset a cop would follow you for 2 miles only to eventually find a “legitimate” reason to pull someone over. Nevertheless, Felton remains calm and continues to ask the officer why he was pulled over.

Felton is a college student living in Michigan. He has Michigan plates, but was visiting Ohio for a birthday party. It is when Felton interjects the Michigan plates into the discuss that the officer reveals the true reason he pulled him over.

“I am doing nothing, because I have Michigan plates, other than that why are you trailing me,” Felton asked the officer.

“You made direct eye contact with me and held onto it when I was passing you,” the officer responded.

Direct eye contact???? What? Wow, now this is a crime and worthy of someone being pulled over?

You be the judge based on the video and the officer’s admission of why he pulled Felton over in the first place. The Dayton police force has yet to issue a statement about the incident, but have reached out to Felton for his version of events.


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