Source: The Black Loop

This situation is infuriating on so many levels. The teen, afraid for his life, rode home on his bike after noticing cops were acting funny. The Free Thought Project reports the incident as follows. “According to the video uploader, the police in the video below came to this house because they saw a teenager riding his bike with no hands and without a helmet. Not wanting to be kidnapped or killed, the teenager rode his bike home after he saw the police.” They straight-up lied to the parents, “assuring” them that all they wanted to do was give the teen a citation for the “vehicle violation.” However, they mentioned that — if the teen didn’t come outside voluntarily and they had to remove him from the house themselves — they would put him in cuffs and arrest him for resisting. They were full of s**t the whole time… As soon as the teenager walked outside, they put him in cuffs and took him to the patrol car. Then, the sergeant who was with this governmental gang of cowards attempted to blame the parents for “instigating” the situation.

This teen wasn’t some weightlifting football star; he wasn’t huge. Why were there 7 police officers there to arrest him? Just a bunch of cowards…my gosh.



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