On Saturday afternoon, President Trump made his second trip to Houston, TX in the week following the landfall of Hurricane Harvey.

This time, Trump actually touched Texas children and handed out styrofoam containers of food to the temporary shelter residents, reported Raw Story.

He was doing so good with trying to act like someone who cares, until it was time to end his short visit.

On the way out the door, he stopped to tell everyone huddled in the shelter(who just lost most everything they had)  to “Have a good time.”


Business Insider pointed out that the current count shows 43 people have died from causes related to Hurricane Harvey and dozens more injured.  A number of highly toxic industrial cleanup sites were inundated in the storm and cataclysmic flooding but the EPA currently admits that is has no idea how that may affect the environment or the people and wildlife in the region.

Cleaning up after Harvey will take billions of dollars and years to accomplish. Losses to local residents and businesses have been catastrophic, but they should certainly “have a good time”

Twitter had some great responses to Trump’s idiotic comment:





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